About Me (English)

Hello! I’m きむりょ (Kimu-Ryo) , please call me Rio.

I turned 27 last month (April 2020).

About Me

My hometown

I’m living near Tokyo now, but I was born in Okinawa.

Okinawa is the southernmost island in Japan. 

I love local tasty food and beautiful ocean.

Working Holiday

After I graduated from my university, I went to Sydney, Australia.

I really love Koalas! So cute ,,,,,

I lived in Sydney for a year to study English and work in an international environment.

My Job

On Oct. 2019, I came back to Japan, and started job hunting near Tokyo.

I joined a software development company at the beginning of this year.

I work in the marketing department at the company.

Luckily, my company has many workers from other countries.

I’d like to enjoy talking with them.

In addition, I want to collect the latest information about web marketing in English.

For these reasons, I’m learning English.


During my free time, I enjoy running outside.

Also, I like soaking in a warm bath for a few hours, feel like a hot spring (Onsen) at home.

Like: Drive a Car / See Waterfalls / Watch YouTube / Cute Animals / DMM Eikaiwa


I started running my website on May 2020.

I’ve rented a server, got a domain (kimuryo.com) and installed WordPress.

Mainly I post articles about Okinawa’s dialect with my explanation.

Sometimes I post articles about how to study effectively based on my experience.


I’m really into “DEMON SLAYER” (Kimetsu-No-Yaiba) these days.

—– Thank you for reading. —–